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Open Doors
Over 360 million Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination because of their faith. They follow Jesus, no matter the cost.

A Bible in an understandable language is essential for the spiritual maturity and growth of churches. Without this solid foundation, Christians and their communities suffer spiritual distress. Wycliffe translates the Bible.

ACP is a mission and aid organisation that works worldwide for persecuted Christians and people in need.

The Bible Reading League
The Bible Reading League is an association that aims to make the Good News of Jesus Christ known and to encourage everyone to encounter God daily through the Bible and prayer.

The French-speaking Federation of Evangelical Churches
The churches of the Fédération Romande d’Eglises Évangéliques (FREE) include about 4500 members in about fifty communities. These communities vary in size – from 20 to 300 members – as well as in their location in urban, rural or mountainous areas.

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